bug flood.

(welcome, dear planet gnome. who i am? check bugzilla, or the evolution archives.)

looks like luis was already scared by my previous chart, so here’s another one: the number of nautilus bugs filed per day, within the last months:

(yes, negative values are possible, because reports can be moved from nautilus to gnome-vfs, for example.)

just see how new releases of wide-spread distributions can ruin the sleep of the gnome bugsquad for weeks, and lead to burn-out at the end. more people triaging bugs could be the workaround, and more automation should be the long-term strategy.

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5 Responses to bug flood.

  1. sven says:

    this is true, sadly. ubuntu edgy is the buggiest distro i have used in years…

  2. Victor Bogado da Silva Lins says:

    You should add a curve for new bugs that turned out to be duplicated from an other, older, bug. It seems to me that this should be common in those bug-rush moments.

  3. Victor Bogado da Silva Lins says:

    I have putted my email, in hope that it would not appear, or at least appear in a scrambled way in the page and would facilitate you, or others, to contact me. In the way it appears now it is easy for spam bots to harvest emails from here. :-(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Probably maintainers actually started accepting the filed bugs – instead of sending them directly to /dev/null?

    Well, 3-4 years back, one would called everything including nobody by Havoc and bug would be promptly dismissed since nobody from RedHat/Sun has time to work on it.

  5. @victor: sorry, i have no idea how to help you, it seems to be a general blogs.gnome.org setting and not a blogger-configurable one. :-(

    @anonymous: maintainers themselves could not send bugs directly to /dev/null, how should they? it’s all automatically filed by bug-buddy.

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