ten days ago, i moved to prague to study abroad for one semester. so if anybody is around who wants to have a beer with one of those guys that bring you your favourite free desktop, just drop me a line!
it’s pretty well organised here (cannot say much about the lectures so far as i did not have many), and it’s fun to chat and to party with all the other exchange students (i naively hope to also improve my french and english a bit, and of course to learn some basic czech). so for the next four months, i will live at a dormitory, sharing my room with another student (and that’s something new to me, as i always had a room on my own). the internet works more or less (the latter one for the last two days), and downstairs we have a bar with a table-soccer.
i will also try to found an exchange students soccer team so i can continue practicing for the next guadec worldcup and the internal championships of my home university (go, teheran isotopes, go!). ;-)

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  1. lazka says:

    let me teach you the 2 most important things:

    beer/bier = pivo
    small beer/kleines bier = male pivo

    prague rocks.. :D

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