bugday / politics schmolitics.

you’ve been a GNOME fan for some time now? you’d like to contribute somehow, but cannot/don’t want to write code?
one possible way is helping the GNOME bugsquad to handle the incoming bug reports (the so called “triaging”). there will be a public bugday on wednesday, march 21st, from 16:00 to 05:00 UTC in #bugs on irc.gimp.org, so this is your chance to give back some love! feel free to visit us, chat with us, and triage a bit if you like. see you on march 21st!
(PS: no, you won’t get a t-shirt or a mug after that one day, but perhaps we can have something like this at the end of the year. also, thanks to andreas & panos for the banners.)

some personal stuff:
after having had a wonderful weekend with steffi and two friends at dresden, i finished a politics project on thursday evening by sending out the final versions.
in november, steffi & me once again discussed about youth and showing some own initiative in general, and especially about the successfulness and problems of the youth parliament that some people and me founded at my small home town in 1999.
in the retrospective, things of course could have been done better at the beginning. since steffi has written her final thesis on children’s rights and democratic learning, and since i had also attended a few lectures for politics teachers at the university a while ago, we decided to design some worksheets for the local school teachers, which should be used in a politics lesson a few weeks before the next election will take place (may 2007).
let’s hope that the teachers will accept this and take this seriously, and that it will raise awareness and improve the acceptance of that institution among the younger people, so people will stop complaining that “nothing’s happening here in this small town”, and instead learn that they themselves have to get up their arses to change the situation, instead of pointing at others. just f***ing do it!

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