guadec / back in D.

  • similar to ryan’s page for 2006, i quickly created a page for guadec participants to document their arrival times at birmingham, so that people can meet up and socialize even earlier(TM).
    just go to and add yourself to the list. no need to welcome me with banners anymore. ;-)
  • back to germany again and now facing some exams, after having lived at prague for four months. strange to suddenly understand again what people talk about around you, and to switch back to german language when being in a restaurant. the last four months have been a great time with lots of partying and new friendships, finding out about cultural differences or common music tastes, and i’m missing the folks already, though i’m of course also happy to be back in place with my girlfriend again.
    now putting my stuff back into my rooms that i had rented to a finnish student…
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