this is television freedom.

warning to the purists: this posting contains links to flash content.

looks like ztohoven (nice pun, by the way) managed to have their own video broadcasted instead of the normal weather show yesterday morning on czech television ČT2. i try to imagine how my breakfast egg would fall out of my mouth when watching this, and though the idea is probably old, it fits well to the current discussion of installing a US rocket and radar system in poland and the czech republic – just remind people what war is about and how easy you can be hit.

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2 Responses to this is television freedom.

  1. Fcauwe says:

    I really hope your government is wise enough to decide to keep such radar installations out of the country. With such video’s they only feed fear to people, and when people fear they can do whatever they want….

    Secondly i think i would only give a false feeling of being save in you country… It’s the wrong way of building a peacefull world.

    And last but not least, America should stop mixing up with someone-else politics, and should stop paying governments all over the world to do what they want, and start caring about they own people!

    A belgian friend

  2. dz says:

    so there are people in this world actually looking the wether-temp-stuff on tv in the morning…
    n it is enough to just turn on a tv and you can t forget or pretender what s goin on in the world- with the knowledge that we see only a little %tage…

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