at the bug front, fronting.

  • congratulations to the tracker crew – bug 403752 has now become number one in the all time statistics. though it has been fixed in svn for nearly 3 months now (2007-04-30), the maintainer(s) is unable to either release a new version (0.6.0) or to isolate a patch that could be backported to the distros to stop this flood. mart (who is one of the brave guys triaging that one) told me that he has increased his gnome bugzilla points from 7 to 17 just because of marking duplicates for this one. by average, the bugsquad closes 7 dups of this one per day (!).
    jamie, maintaining your project does not only mean to write new code all the time, it also means to take care of those bugsquaders that support you. i would probably be less pissed if i had not been told for five times in the last three months so far that a new release will be done “within the next two weeks”/”at the next weekend”/whatever. last answer was “this weekend”, we will see what happens (or not). at least it’s highly unprofessional behaviour and not acceptable.
  • libsexy’s bug 354559 is still second worst in the duplicates statistics of non-fixed gnome issues. after waiting for six months, we now have a nice trace since one month. i’ve send two emails to the maintainers so far, no reaction. david, christian, please fix it and attach a patch for backporting it to the distros. thanks.
  • guadec has been very productive yesterday evening with regard to eliminating whiskey and south american drinks. please continue.

NP: Lupe Fiasco: Kick, Push

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9 Responses to at the bug front, fronting.

  1. Luis Villa says:

    That is… pretty dick.

  2. claudio says:

    As if the bugsquad didn’t already had enough work to do….

  3. mike says:

    Yeah, sometimes maintainers don’t have time to do their “job” properly. Your “job” is to help them, not nag them.

    If keeping up with tracker or deskbar bugs is annoying you, then simply ignore these products.

  4. aklapper says:

    @mike: wrong, sorry.
    i’m a gnome release-team member, and it IS my job to nag, see the release-team definition. and this one is the worst behaviours i’ve seen within the last years.

  5. Jamie McCracken says:

    Yeah Im responsible for this but pls let me clean up the mess. I really dont want to burden any of you hard working bug squaddies and circumstance beyond my control have delayed things as I explained previously

    I told mart to not bother putting dupes in about a month ago and I would clean up with the next release.

    sorry for the trouble but pls bear with me for one day!

  6. Where do and rank?

    They get *tons* of duplicate reports from Ubuntu users all the time, because Ubuntu don’t seem interested in patching their package. Even though perfectly simple fixes are available from SVN and I even went to the trouble of signing up for a Launchpad account and filing an Ubuntu bug – – to try and draw their attention to it. Sigh.

  7. Jamie McCracken says:

    For your info : We will be releasing tracker 0.6 at 22:00 UTC on monday 23 rd July

    all the work has been finished and theres just a few cosmetic issues left which wont take long to do

  8. aklapper says:

    @adam: that’s really an ubuntu problem and not a gnome problem, because it’s fixed in gnome. ubuntu is one of the distributions that has a policy to only backport a few and important fixes. feel free to complain to ubuntu (though you did already, it seems).

    @jamie: good to hear, thanks.

  9. Just for reference: the biggest problem with the tracker thing was that bug-buddy filed it under deskbar-applet product, so something had to be touched to get it away from open bugs of deskbar-applet, so might as well dup it in one step instead of fixing the product to tracker with two steps (the selection of tracker component where to put it after changing product).

    PS: For next GUADEC we should force Jeff to increase the post count kept on or people miss posts due to the high volume :)

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