bugday this wednesday!

birthday picture

dear GNOME project,

all my best wishes to your 10th birthday!
about 5 or 6 years ago we met for the first time: me, another stoopid user that could not get his modem to work under windows 98 anymore (and had to use something else because of that), and you, one of the desktops of my distro at that time. yes, i was young and i did a lot of wrong things (KDE, BeOS), and at the beginning i was only using you, but you did not care. but as time passed by, i asked for more, and you answered quickly and politely (probably one reason why i stayed – rodo, diký moc!). we’ve come a long way, baby, and you got cool folks involved.

now you probably will have a busy wednesday, together with your bugsquad and some more interested folks that will hang out on irc to celebrate a bugday. but after that looong wednesday of killing bugs, you will have well deserved the fancy cake that i’ve drawn for you (without using the gimp or inkscape). bon appétit!

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