too popular, too buggy, too easy…?

  • first of all: i’m probably the 26th person posting this, but: thanks a lot Nokia for providing me a discounted N810!
  • found an old posting of dave and finally realized that the stuff on is located in the svn module “web-devel-2”. added a comment to the L10N Guidelines for Developers how to add translator comments to glade files and fixed the broken link to the documentation style guide (this has been brought up a few times on the gnome-doc-list).
  • evolution is getting a lot of “can’t send mail. please help” bug reports, probably because filing a bug report is too easy – evolution has a “Submit Bug Report” item in the help menu (no other application that i know of has a similar menu item). getting tired of explaining reporters in bugzilla what support forums are, i wrote a quick and dirty patch to add an item linking to the evolution FAQ instead. now i only hope that people will not spam the wiki page with their unanswered configuration questions…
  • played around a bit with GNOME bugzilla’s weekly-bug-summary.cgi.
    i took a look at the changes of the last 60 days per module in GNOME bugzilla. if you order by “opened in last 60 days” instead of “open bugs”, you will see which modules are triaging-intensive:

    Product Opened in last 60 days Total open bugs Ratio
    Evolution +4965 4333 1,15
    Nautilus +2490 1427 1,74
    deskbar-applet +1339 100 13,39
    epiphany +903 382 2,36
    Rhythmbox +867 635 1,37
    gnome-panel +743 463 1,60
    gimmie +690 110 6,27
    Gtk+ +254 1689 0,15

    (only products with more than 600 incoming reports in the last 60 days except gtk+, also note that these numbers do not include rejected bug reports).
    of course, the total number of open bugs is not significant at all, especially because this does not consider how many lines of code evolution and nautilus have. gtk+’s low ratio is probably because a lot of gtk+ crasher reports do not get correctly reassigned to gtk+ or lost/forgotten in bugzilla.
    so what’s interesting here? gimmie and deskbar-applet have a pretty high ratio. are products with a lot of incoming bug reports either popular or buggy apps (or both)? do important bugs get fixed very slowly and therefore produce a high number of duplicates, or should distros become better in shipping patches? *shrug*
    at least for gimmie one can see that it’s basically only two bug reports bringing all that noise.
    so in the end, i added a few reports to the auto-reject list (to hopefully reduce bugsquad’s workload), sometimes with a nice “it’s been fixed already, please file a bug against your favourite distro” auto-response. ;-)

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5 Responses to too popular, too buggy, too easy…?

  1. That i18n guide (and some other things) needs to be moved into gnome-devel-docs as DocBook, by the way.

  2. jhs says:

    Anjuta also has a “Report Bug” menu item in the Help menu but luckily it’s not so popular as evolution…

  3. aklapper says:

    murray: i know all that stuff has to get migrated, but for the time being, we can’t change the google search results – the first hit will get you to that page that contained a dead link…

    jhs: good to know. i guess it *can* make sense to have that item.

  4. einalex says:

    As to gimmie:
    If Bug 417988 is what I think it is I fixed that some time ago. I guess distros should ship version 0.2.8. I didn’t get even one lambda error since that. Apart from that, there is a lot of work going into gimmie 0.3.0 right now. When that gets ready, you will love it. promise.

  5. Ivan says:

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)

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