Google’s Highly Open Participation – propose your task!

vincent already blogged about the Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP).
it is a contest similar to google’s summer of code, but for high school students and with much smaller tasks in any fields like documentation, translation and code. the average amount of time to be spent for a task should be about three days.

we were overwhelmed by the number of interested students that want to contribute to GNOME, and many tickets have already been claimed and/or completed (the entire list of non-completed GNOME tasks is available here).
for example, some folks are working on nepali and romanian translation, fix some mnemonic bugs, or remember maintainers to update when adding new tasks. nice side-effect: we now have patches for every module to complete the migration to the LINGUAS file, so maintainers please get those patches in!

if you are a gnome hacker, have an idea about a possible task, want to guide a student to fulfil it and perhaps also want to get new contributors for your project/area, propose new tasks and enlarge the GNOME community! because “we’re eager to see other people jumping in and have new task suggestions that we can approve.” yay!

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