Ubuntu Developer Summit and Maemo Bugzilla

Spent the last week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Prague. It was a pleasure to meet and see lots of friends and new people from the Ubuntu and GNOME universe. Technically speaking lots of workshops were a bit to Ubuntu specific to me (I mostly attended QA and Mobile sessions but do not run Ubuntu myself), but I hope that I could provide useful input with regard to upstream collaboration. Physically meeting makes it definitely easier to discuss problems and impressions directly instead of using IRC and mailing lists – I had a few talks about Nokia/Maemo.org bug handling, GNOME release team issues (with Vincent and Olav), general community problems and GNOME Bugzilla bug triaging.

(Crossclub, October 2007.)

At the non-technical side, especially the last two evenings were great – I shamelessly convinced a few people to go to Crossclub on Thursday and it seems that the majority really enjoyed it. The party on friday evening was awesome – both the Ubuntu band and afterwards our beloved DJ Daniel Holbach with his furious drum’n’bass set!

The downside: My laptop (which is my work machine and has always been broken, but problems have become much worse in the last weeks) seldom worked and even refused to boot most of the times so I had to use my N810 very often. This meant that I could not really work at the same speed I’m used to. Got to buy a new laptop this week to get back with full force to work on triaging and fixing stuff in Maemo Bugzilla, at least I fixed the missing In-Reply-To header for Maemo bugmail so threading in your email client should work now (thanks Olav!).
The current Maemo bugzilla database is messy, so the short-term plan for the next days is to sync bug report statuses with (duplicated/transfered) Garage tracker and internal Nokia bug reports while guenther is mostly looking at some technical issues to improve workflow. We will also start posting weekly reports and enhance them as time goes by (feedback welcome, like always – use mail or irc).

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    @gicmo: right. i’m sorry. wanted to put your name somewhere but didn’t find a good place. next time, honey. :-*

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