GUADEC conference at Istanbul

Yes, it’s that great time of the year again: GUADEC, the GNOME conference, this time at Istanbul, and now it’s time to provide a very quick summary so far.

guenther and me had arrived on early Monday morning at the airport that is located in the Asian part of the town. After arriving at our apartment and chilling on the terrace it was very impressive to listen to all the morning prayers of the Muezzins when dawn took place at 4:30AM.The place is nice and you have an awesome view on the city. Since all Openismus employees live in the same building, we’ve had two evenings sitting together on our terrace and having a good time.

Our venue (Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi) is located directly at the Bosporus so you can sit outside, have a lot of conversations and meetings with friends and other developers, and watch huge ships passing by.

The BoF that we gave on Bugtriaging in GNOME could have had a few more attendees, but the time was moved to have it one hour earlier so many interested people missed it. If you’re one of them and are interesting: We’re going to repeat it today (Thursday) at 3:30PM (meet at the info desk and then find a free room), right after Kris’ keynote on the state of GTK+ (definitely worth to attend to also find out more about the future of GNOME in general I’d say).

Besides, I have huge problems to access some of my mail accounts and IRC (conference wifi). Youtube seems to be generally blocked here (“Access to this web site is banned by Telekomünikasyon İletişim Baskanliḡi”).

Ah yeah, and for the third year in a row we also had a football tournament with lots of fun and some nice goals:

(Picture by Alia and Zaheer Abbas. © All Rights reserved.)

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5 Responses to GUADEC conference at Istanbul

  1. It’s not really the asian part. That’s across the bosphorous river.I think I’m guilty of making that stupid mistake first.

  2. aklapper says:

    For us it WAS the asian part because we had a different airport than you. :-)

  3. reinouts says:

    I found out that you have to set up a SOCKS proxy with a ssh account somewhere that you can access. Execute ssh -D username@sshserver.tld and leave the session open. Then make your browser etc use a SOCKS proxy on port and your data will be retrieved through the proxy.

  4. reinouts says:

    -D must be followed by (localport) , the brackets got messed up.

  5. Burkay says:

    We really had a great time :) thnx for everything

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