Maemo Bugnews.

  • The Maemo Bugsquad is now in place. For triagers we have a Triage guide, general and product generic Stock answers that can be copied & pasted into bug reports, and for reporters an updated (maemo’fied & and shortened) Bugwriting How-to. We also decided on a policy when to close rotting moreinfo bugs.
  • There will be a Maemo Bugsquad BoF at the Maemo summit on Saturday, 16h30. Everybody also interested in managing the Maemo bugs is highly welcome.
  • Being part of the current 100 Days plan, the Maemo crew has five sprints (and open IRC meetings too) à 20 days with defined tasks. For those who haven’t seen it yet, we also log our daily activities so our work becomes more transparent. ;-)
    As a first step to Get Nokia more involved into Maemo Bugzilla, I’m currently looking into Reorganizing components in Bugzilla to make it easier for Nokia’s developer teams to be able to track those reports that affect their scope.
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