Last week.


  • Finally been able to attend a concert of Vypsaná fixa at a festival. Feeling happy for the rest of the day (not only because of that one band).
  • Watched Prague’s local icehockey derby Slavia vs. Sparta (2:1). Could have been more exciting. Security checks like at an airport. Same as the food prices at the venue: Impressive, in a negative sense.
  • Bought two beers at night and gave one to the first person I met on the streets. Two street cleaners lucky about having a short break. Do that more often, it’s easy.
  • It’s that Burčák season again! Yummy.
  • Travelled to Maemo Summit with jbenc. One guy sitting next to us in the train heard that we were talking about linux and joined us. There’s really linux users out their in the wild, they exist, and they are not antisocial! :-P


  • Maemo Summit itself was awesome – most impressions have been already covered by the blog posts on Planet Maemo. Much more people than expected and a nice geeky venue. In general it also underlined my positive impression that Nokia’s opening and understanding Open Source better. My talk went well though there could have been more attendees. Most discussions (like always at conferences) happening outside of the talks or when having a beer at the evening, quite productive. Great Openismus party on Saturday, great company! ;-)


  • Now looking forward to the GNOME 2.24.0 release coming up this week. Hope we all (devs, translators, documentators, artists, bugsquadders and so on) did a good job and will get content users and good reviews.
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2 Responses to Last week.

  1. goldman says:

    Let’s hope the street cleaners weren’t fired when they got back to the depot for drinking on the job. I think it would be a rather safer thing to do with Coke/7-Up/Fanta/soft-drink-of-your-choice :)

  2. aklapper says:

    @goldman: Heh. Valid point, but I don’t expect any problems in this country. :-)

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