GNOME 2.28 released!

Just came back from the wonderful Vypsaná fixa album release party to see that there is yet another great GNOME major release available. Go check out the improvements and changes! Made to share!

Work on GNOME 3 is ongoing, of course.

(Picture by padro82, CC licensed)

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2 Responses to GNOME 2.28 released!

  1. dz says:

    das ist doch mal ein schoenes photo… du wirst ja noch zu einem kuenstler herr ak…
    liebe gruesse aus dem erstaunlicher weise sehr sehr sonnigem sarajevo (p.s. sogar die kuerbisse freuen sich).!!!!

  2. Petr says:

    Hey, Vypsana Fixa :D And Gnome, cool combination!

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