GNOME 3.0 cleanup status.

The first 2.31 release ahead and something you should do:
Cleaning up your module.

73 known issues left (three weeks ago: 93 issues).

GNOME modules:

Some external dependencies:

(Note that these lists obviously miss the conversion from gconf to GSettings and GTK+ single includes.
Data comes from the GSEAL wikipage, the overview stats and my brain. Hence it might be partially incorrect.)

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3 Responses to GNOME 3.0 cleanup status.

  1. Peter Robinson says:

    why is swfdec still an external dep when upstream have declared it as a dead project? surely gnash would be a better option even if both are very average and crash even the biggest desktop computer with cpu usage.

  2. Claessens Xavier says:

    Empathy does not use deprecated symbols anymore, the bug you linked is for epiphany ;-)

    However it is true that we still have one place that does not compile with GSEAL, because of missing API in GTK.

  3. aklapper says:

    @Xavier: Thanks! Updated!

    @Peter: Interesting question. swfdec-gnome and swfdec once were proposed for inclusion and accepted. I think there’s no process defined how to remove a project again or for which specific reasons it should be possible. And that might be a problem.

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