Heads up: GNOME 2.31 soon to ship GTK+ 2.90

(copying from devel-announce-list)

The GNOME Release Team plans to ship GTK+ 2.90 from GNOME 2.31.4 on.

This requires module maintainers to port their modules now (if you don’t want an angry release-team mob soon in front of your house).

We strongly encourage maintainers to

The following modules are affected (list not necessarily complete):

GSeal Deprec. symbols GTK+ modules
bug-buddy to do
ekiga to do
empathy to do
epiphany to do to do
evolution to do
gdl to do to do
gdm to do to do
glade3 to do
gnome-disk-utility to do
gnome-netstatus to do
gnome-panel to do to do
gnome-screensaver to do
gnome-terminal to do
gnome-utils to do
gtk-engines to do to do to do
gtk-vnc to do
libcanberra to do
libnotify to do (fixed in git but needs new tarball)
librsvg to do
libslab to do
libwnck to do
metacity to do to do
nautilus to do
raptor to do
seahorse to do
seahorse-plugins to do
sound-juicer to do
swfdec to do
system-monitor to do
vala to do
vinagre to do
vino to do
vte to do
webkit-gtk to do to do

For a longer list of issues remaining for GNOME 3, take a look at Bugzilla.

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4 Responses to Heads up: GNOME 2.31 soon to ship GTK+ 2.90

  1. DeeJay1 says:

    I didn’t quite get it – does this mean that the gtk 2.0 target won’t be supported anymore by the gnome-3.0 jhbuild moduleset and all apps will have to require gtk-3.0.pc ?

  2. aklapper says:

    @DeeJay1: In general things should be parallel-installable.
    However the gnome-3.0 jhbuild moduleset will include gtk 2.90/3.0.

  3. Simon says:

    So, both 2.0 and 3.0 are supported, packages should move to 3.0 ASAP, and you’ll be very upset with any maintainer who hasn’t done so within the next month or so. Does that sum it up?

  4. aklapper says:

    “Supported” is always a confusing term to me as it can mean a lot.

    GTK2 obviously will not be included in GNOME 3.0, but GTK 3.0.
    On a system both GTK3 and GTK2 can be installed of course for all those apps still using GTK2 – similar to the current situation with GTK1 and GTK2.

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