GNOME modules that do not yet work with GTK3

Quick update of the list of modules (not necessarily complete) that do not yet work with GTK3.

  • Note: The table does not cover porting apps to use both GTK2 and GTK3.
  • Tickets with background color are blocked by missing GTK+ API.
GSeal Deprec. symbols GTK+ modules
bug-buddy to do
epiphany to do
gdl to do to do
gdm to do
glade3 to do
gnome-panel to do to do
gnome-screensaver to do
gnome-terminal to do
gnome-utils to do
gtk-engines to do to do
gtk-vnc to do (fixed in git but needs new tarball)
libnotify to do (fixed in git but needs new tarball)
libslab to do
libwnck to do
metacity to do to do
raptor to do
swfdec to do
vinagre to do
vte to do

For a longer list of issues remaining for GNOME 3, take a look at Bugzilla.
Also Migrating to GSettings is required and not covered by this table.

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5 Responses to GNOME modules that do not yet work with GTK3

  1. Simon says:

    Interesting, an observation on one of those bugs, that Gtk3 (i.e 2.90.x) doesn’t use GSEAL by default. Really? I thought the entire point of 3.x was to provide a clean break, that bad API and incorrect member access should result in compile errors as soon as they started linking against -3.0 libraries.

    Was this a mistake by the Gtk+ developers, or a deliberate decision to support transition?

  2. aklapper says:

    @Simon: 2.90.x is not ready yet – otherwise it would be already called “3.0”. ;-)

  3. gtksourceview really needs a newer tarball release too. The current one doesn’t have the ABI bump to gtksourceview-3.0

  4. DeeJay1 says:

    One thing I would really like to know is how the “global” (for /system) settings stuff is coming along, especially the proxy ones from current gvfs module…

  5. Simon says:

    @Andre – I know that, I just figured that having the API versions renamed from -2.0 to -3.0 would be simultaneous with the actual breaking of API compatibility, that stuff that would fail on 3.0 final would fail on 2.90.x as well…

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