Fedora 13→14…

Decided to upgrade one of my machines this weekend.
While Fedora’s PreUpgrade is intelligent enough to check the free diskspace on / before downloading the new packages (at least according to the terminal output, bug 649399 states differently) it does not try to estimate if there will still be enough free space to actually extract and install them and will just cancel the process after the reboot (“You need more space on the following file systems: 224 M on /”, whatever unit “M” is meant to be). A bit late.

On / suspect areas to manually clean up are /tmp, /var/cache/yum (some data from older versions around) and /var/cache in general. Biggest packages that could be temporarily uninstalled were webkitgtk-debuginfo, gcc-debuginfo, openoffice.org and eclipse (not needed this time, but maybe next time?).

And apart from quite some typos in PreUpgrade strings (filed a bug) I of course also ran into probably all Evolution bugs that I could:

But apart from that I think I’m fine.

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  1. bochecha says:

    If you want to identify which RPMs to remove in order to gain some space, this can be useful:

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