Misc tech bits and pieces.

GNOME Bugzilla in 2010

As usual I posted a short activity summary for 2010.

Also quickly wrote up the GNOME Q4 quarterly report for the Bugsquad.

GNOME 3.0 blockers

Posted a first GNOME 3.0 blocker report (based on GNOME Bugzilla data). Planning to do this once per week now. Feedback welcome whether it’s helpful to see what’s still left on the way.

GNOME Evolution documentation rewrite

Created a wikipage to get the Evolution user documentation rewrite better documented and organized as I am afraid that at some point the complexity of this task might demotivate all involved folks (Phil Bull, April Gonzales, Barbara Tobias and me). Asked Novell to relicense the old manual so we can potentially reuse some good parts. Work is ongoing.

Google Code-In 2010/11

The Google Code-In contest has just ended today. It’s been a pleasure and I’d like to thank all students and mentors for participating. Hope we all had some fun together (I had), though we did not have that many tasks available (I can’t provide exact numbers as Google now just displays “This page is inactive at this time.” for the list of tasks, but comparing for example to KDE we had maybe half of their tasks). Also see my previous post for stuff that has been achieved.
I am very interested in feedback from non-mentors that considered adding a task but didn’t, mentors, and students to see what we can improve (e.g. in our wiki) for a potential next time – feel free to send me an email or add a comment to this blog entry.


I’m spending this week in Helsinki. Feel free to ping me for an evening beer.
And for more (and way cheaper) beers there’s also the GNOME Python hackfest next week (not that I suddenly started hacking Python, just that I should be in the same town), and FOSDEM in four weeks. See you around?

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  1. Tor Lillqvist says:

    I am not sure I will be there (I have visited these events very occasionally), but this week’s Thursday there is http://free-thursday.pieni.net/ .

  2. aklapper says:

    Oh, nice! Hope I can make it. :)

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