GNOME.Asia summit, Hongkong

Today I arrived in Hong Kong (PRC) to attend this year’s edition of GNOME.Asia summit at the City University of Hong Kong. It takes place on Saturday and Sunday and you can should check out the schedule in case that you are around.


On Sunday I am going to explain how to write and improve GNOME user documentation, and maybe join Tobi to present how to triage bug reports.

While asia has so much manpower and emerging economies, GNOME’s development (and its dominant culture) still feels mostly US/Europe centric to me. Ever wondered how many maintainers in GNOME are based in India or China, to pick just two examples? I don’t know many unfortunately. So if attend GNOME.Asia and would like to talk about cultural differences in communities, user documentation, bug management, translation, release management, …, I’d be happy to talk to you!

Also, thank you GNOME Foundation for covering a large part of my expenses! Sponsored by GNOME Foundation

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  1. Again, we need more role models to step up and showcase themselves! Thanks for your presence.

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