GNOME: Do you want to participate in Google Code-In?

Google Code-In 2011

While I organized and ran Google Code-In for GNOME for the last years (a contest for 13-17 year old students) I won’t have enough spare time this year. So the question is if GNOME wants to take part in it (mentors, anyone?), and if somebody volunteers to organize it. The deadline for applying to take part is November 5th (in two weeks).
Organizing means: Setting up our wikipage (last year’s version, see the ChangeLog how to start), doing the paperwork (registration, documented on our wiki), nagging developers and community members to become mentors and provide tasks, and while the contest is running making sure that mentors respond quickly.

So if you feel like getting fresh young people into GNOME and open source: Be bold!
I will of course be around for questions and to support you, and help out.

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One Response to GNOME: Do you want to participate in Google Code-In?

  1. Leo says:

    Hi André,

    I’d like to help you organizing and managing this event. I’m not very sure about how to start, so if you could help me in the first steps, I could do some work to try to boost this event in GNOME.

    Please feel free to contact me by mail.


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