Bugzilla Tips (VII): Simpler searching for open tickets only

This posting is part of a series on small and sometimes not-so-easy-to-discover functionality in Bugzilla that makes developers’ and users’ lifes more comfortable. It’s based on conversations with users and developers in the last months.

If you go to Bugzilla’s advanced search and would like to see only those tickets in your search results which are still open, I have seen users selecting all non-closed statuses (like “UNCONFIRMED”, “NEW”, “ASSIGNED”, “REOPENED” etc. – the exact statuses depend on the configuration of your Bugzilla) either with several mouse clicks while holding down the Ctrl key, or by using arrow keys and Shift on the keyboard.
But you can have the same results with one click in the “Resolution” field: Choose “– – –”.

This is how it looks in Wikimedia Bugzilla:

Screenshot from Wikimedia Bugzilla

Only when a bug report gets resolved (e.g. by fixing it, or marking it as a duplicate) it receives a resolution like FIXED or DUPLICATE. Before it does not have any resolution (hence the “– – –”). This resolution is kept for the follow-up VERIFIED status, but if the report gets reopened it is removed again.

And this is how it looks in upstream Bugzilla:

Screenshot from upstream Bugzilla

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