Bugzilla Tips (IX): Excluding less important reports from search results

This posting is part of a series on small and sometimes not-so-easy-to-discover functionality in Bugzilla that makes developers’ and users’ lifes more comfortable. It’s based on conversations with users and developers in the last months.

Sometimes I’d like to exclude certain bug reports from the search results in Bugzilla.
The most common case is excluding enhancement requests (in order to only get “real” bugs) and excluding lowest and unprioritized priorities (the available values for priorities and severity may differ in other Bugzilla instances), to only have more important stuff listed in the results.

Go to Bugzilla’s Advanced Search and select the product/component that you are interested in, as always. In the “Detailed Bug Information” section, select all values which you do not want to exclude from the Severity and Priority fields:

Selecting Priority and Severity values

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