Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2014: The first week

Wikimedia takes part in Google Code-in (GCI) 2014. The contest has been running for one week and students have already resolved 35 Wikimedia tasks. You can help making that more (see below).

Google Code-in 2014

Some of the achievements:

  • Citoid offers export in BibTeX format (and more contributions)
  • Analytics’ Dashiki has a mobile-friendlier view
  • Echo‘s badge label text has better readability; Echo uses the standard gear icon for preferences
  • Wikidata’s Wikibase API modules use i18n for help/docs
  • Two MediaWiki extensions received patches to not use deprecated i18n functions anymore
  • MediaWiki displays an error when trying to create a self-redirect
  • The sidebar group separator in MediaWiki’s Installer looks like in Vector
  • The Wikimedia Phabricator docs have video screencasts and an updated Bug report life cycle diagram
  • Huggle‘s on-wiki docs were updated; exceptions received cleanup
  • Pywikibot‘s replicate_wiki supports global args; optparse was replaced by argparse
  • Reasons for MediaWiki sites listed as defunct on WikiApiary were researched
  • Wikimedia received logo proposals for the European Wikimedia Hackathon 2015
  • …and many more.

Sounds good? Want to help? Then please spend five minutes to go through the tasks on your to-do list and identify simple ones to help more young people contribute! Got an idea for a task? Become a mentor!

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3 Responses to Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2014: The first week

  1. Well done! Congrats!

  2. John Broughton says:

    I question the listing of Citoid as an “achievement”. It’s not production ready (so its page states). Until it is, there is no guarantee that the Wikipedia community is going to get anything at all from this (potentially tremendously valuable) project.

  3. aklapper says:

    @John: Doesn’t really matter whether software projects are already deployed on some random “production server” or not, it’s still an achievement. Plus anybody can take the code, deploy it, and see that it works: Feel free to set up a Wikimedia Labs instance if you want to see it.

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