On product design.

…and while I was playing with GNOME’s new Bugzilla instance trying to get rid of some upstream feature bloat, I looked at upstream’s Bugzilla front page and spend the next hours wondering where to add eight more Search buttons/links/forms so it’ll become a full dozen.

Upstream Bugzilla front page with four search options

Upstream Bugzilla front page with four search options

I mean, seriously?

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11 Responses to On product design.

  1. Lapo says:

    [5, search entry in the footer] missing

  2. MadBad says:

    >> wondering where to add eight more Search buttons
    Someone would say you have to search better for the space for them. ^^

  3. Leif says:


    Upstream Bugzilla could really use a makeover. Hopefully the RESTful changes in 5.0 sput some dev. Pity that the “make bugzilla pretty” contest winning entry was abandonded.



  4. Dragnucs says:

    So you wont report bugz before searching if they existirsy. :P

  5. aklapper says:

    @Lapo: Whoops, you are right. Sigh, my rants need to become more professional… :-/

  6. Jeff says:

    This seems like a tricky design problem. Have you tried searching for it?

  7. Why not migrate to Phabricator just like Wikimedia has done? It seems to have a more appealing UI and a lot more features.

  8. Mark Côté says:

    Bugzilla is search is indeed awful, but the BMO team wants to fix it. I actually wrote about it recently: https://mrcote.info/blog/2014/12/17/searching-bugzilla/ We could use help if anyone’s interested!

  9. aklapper says:

    @Mark Côté: Hah, good timing. I’ve added you to my blogroll, thanks.

  10. aklapper says:

    @Alexander van Loon: Do you volunteer to lead the community discussion and decision process and the actual migration and the maintenance of regularly pulling (upstream is moving really fast)? Wikimedia’s migration was seven months of work of three paid people. Plus different projects really have different needs (for example, how many GNOME teams miss a workboard currently?). Plus “a lot more features” is not a valid argument – if you take a look at this very blogpost I mentioned feature creep…

  11. @aklapper: I didn’t realize it costs so much effort…

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