Yesterday I played with Paroano Sai Milho at Othon Palace Convention Center in a Ginecology Conference. We had a lot of fun!

I need to focus on my graduation final project besause I have only 3 months to finish implementation and write the dissertation.

In the afternoon, Me and Carol looked, once more, for an apartment with no success.

No time for hacking only for some bug triaging.

Very busy day. In the mourning, a meeting to talk about free software adoption by the Federal University of Bahia (

After, another meeting about a free software video that will be produced for an important event at FACED ( I’ll be the content director of this thing. I don’t know what this means but i think this role is cool. I never worked on video making. :-)

Then, in the afternoon, I integrated a Debian GNU/Linux workstation to the University M$ Active Directory and worked on a nautilus view and VFS module to manage apt packages with nautilus. It’s based on James Henstridge´s rpmdb.

Here is an interesting flamed political discussion about US and South America that arose at

“You cannot have Free Software without free minds.”

I’ve been very busy on writing my mastering pre-project for the selection process. Deadline is 3/11/04. The project will deal with issues like posmodernist society, cyberculture, hackers and free software. I think this will be very interesting.

Well, that’s it. I hope to have some more free-hack-time after this hurry.

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