I’ve just added the RSS of Paul Graham essays in the RSS agregator. Reading the essay The word “Hacker” it was exciting to see a picture of the garage where Jobs and Wozniak built the Apple computer.

Here are some of the books that I’ll probably buy soon (I hope in the next months…) for my mastering research:

Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution
Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman’s Crusade for Free Software
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution (O’Reilly Open Source)
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
The Future of Ideas : The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World
Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity
The Success of Open Source
The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash Between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
Open Source Licensing : Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law
Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity
Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman
A Hacker Manifesto
Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age
CYBERPUNK: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier, Revised
The New Hacker’s Dictionary
The Masters of Deception : The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
The Hacker Crackdown : Law And Disorder On The Electronic Frontier
The Hacker Ethic

Some of these are available on the Web.

Here are some photos of my graduation cerimony.

On saturday I gave a talk about Hacker Culture at the Hélio Rocha College. My desknode didn’t work and I had to give up from my OO.o slides right on time of the session. Desknotes are terrible. I need to buy a tiny laptop to carry with me anywhere I go.

I found an amazing gnome app to manage book collections. It’s called Alexandria. With Alexandria, you can retrieve book main information by just providing its ISBN number. For this task, It uses some book info providers like Amazon and B&N. It was not translated to brazilian portuguese but now it is! :-) Now I’m the maintainer of the brazilian translation of Alexandria.

I’ve just begun to work on a simple patch to make Gnome System Tools give more than one auth trials. I think I’ll have some more time to work on it from now on.

Yesterday, i watch two great movies: 21 Grams and The Magdalene Sisters. The former brings interesting thoughts about life and human relationships. The second is a real history about three irish women that are forced to live in convent to correct their “sinful” behavior. Paralelly, it brings a picture of the 60’s Irish society.

Reading: Culture and Technology (Murphie and Potts). Interesting analysis of the mutual and dynamic relation among society, culture and technique mainly from the viewpoint of the media technologies.

14h32 pm: I’m here in Assim and I’m a sleepy man! That’s the result of not speeling well for three days…

I had begun to work the GNOME User Guide brazilian portuguese translation but Shaunm warned me that he hasn’t finished it yet. So, I’ll wait for him ‘cos I don’t want to waste my time translating an out of date doc

Here is a cool photo of the samba-funk-rock band I play called Pã (in portuguese). I’m on the drums.

I’ve been reading Leroi-Gourhan, Simondon, Mílton Santos, Heidegger and other for my mastering stuff.

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