Almost there!

New “Almost there!” Zenity release (2.11.90). Almost nothing new:

  • gnome-doc-utils migration
  • New and updated translations:
    • Vincent van Adrighem [nl]
    • Yair Hershkovitz [he]
    • Ivar Smolin [et]
    • Ankit Patel [gu]
    • Rostislav Raykov [bg]
    • Clytie Siddall [vi]
    • Kjartan Maraas [no, nb]
    • Ilkka Tuohela [fi]

Get it here. Enjoy!

I created a zenity maintenance page in GNOME wiki to keep track of potential development tasks for 2.13.x releases.

Movies and g-d-u

Spent this weekend having resting and watching some cool movies:

  • The Crying Game (very good, great performance of Jaye Davison)
  • Super Size Me (cool documentary, it reminded me that I need to make physical exercises urgently)

I’ve migrated zenity to use gnome-doc-utils. So, now It should be easier to translate zenity manual. Go, go, go translators!

Bad news, movies and music

Bad news today:

  • A woman committed suicide in the building where I work. She threw herself from a window in the 12th floor.
  • More coward bombing in London.

I and Carol saw the following movies:

I played some days ago in Canavieiras (a litle city near Salvador) with Paroano Sai Milhó band. Paroano Sai Milhó is one of the most traditional carnival groups of Bahia – more than 42 years of existence. We play popular brazilian songs and rhythms like ijexá, samba, frevo, galope, baião, xote and many others. Canavieiras is a beautiful place. Here are some photos:

Canivieiras has wonderful beaches

Snake found in the beach

We play dressed as clowns

People that saw our show

All night long

New Zenity “All night long” (2.11.1) release for GNOME 2.11.5 Development Release. The news are:

  • Several code cleanups
  • Activate GOption –help translations
  • Deactivate –help alias behavior

You can get it here (md5sum: 3c8fa30d6621686cbce5a7593310bb5c)


Movies and article

I and Carol watched a movie called Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland and others. Not great, just cool. In fact, most of the american movies I’ve seen were just cool or worse. They seem to be all the same! There are exceptions of course! :-)

I’ll begin to write an article called “The Ciber-sociality in free software development communities” as part of my mastering research. Sociality (I don’t know if this english translation fits) is a Maffesoli sociological concept to define the new tribal, hedonist and vitalist social aggregation form that arrises in the post-modernist society. The empirical reference for this article will be the GNOME community. So, I hope you all help me with some semi-structured interviews on IRC or e-mail.

I have uploaded some oggs of my band here. This a demo so the record quality is not that good. The band is called Pã (Pan in english) and we play the sambafunk+rock style. Pã is a greek god. See wikipedia for more info about Pan (mythology). Here are the files:

The author of these songs is Carlos Libório, the Pã’s singer and guitarist.

Enjoy! :-)

Hell and peace

Scheiße! What a hell is going on in this world? I know, I know, we’re in hell… Is it possible to reach peace with some many stupid people in Earth?

My sincere sympathy to everyone in UK… Peace!

Caruru, research and forró

“Caruru is delicious” (2.11.0) is the first development release of zenity. It brings a bunch of improvements, cleanups, bug fixes, new and updated translations and features. Most of the improvements has been made on List dialog:

  • New –print-column option syntax: now you can define a comma-separated list of column indexes;
  • New –hide-column
  • Single and multiple selection
  • Double-clicking on rows


Mastering classes has been quite cool with readings about ciberculture, technique phylosophy and virtual reality. I’ve been populating my research wiki with more and more content. I’ll be writing with the great Vicente Aguiar (!) an article about gift culture, hacker culture and free software development communities.

“Forró” on june parties

Here in Brazil, mainly in the northeast region, on 24th june, there’s a very popular party devoted to Saint John. We dance “forró” and eat a lot of baked corn and peanuts and fruit liqueur. I and Carol went to a friend’s house at a district of Feira de Santana (a town near Salvador, the Bahia state capital where we live). Here are some photos:

Lots of delicious cakes

The house where we were

I and Carol
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