GNOME Roadmap Released

The GNOME Roadmap for 2.20 (and partially for 2.22 and future 2.x releases) is available at:

The GNOME Roadmap is a big-picture view of functionality we expect GNOME to include in short-term and long-term future. The roadmap is based on feedback from current GNOME developers and other community members.

We hope this roadmap increases the awereness about the future steps of the project inside and outside the community and helps us to look forward and plan where we want to go.

For a quick overview of our roadmap process, please see:

Let’s make GNOME rock even more!

Plugins in The Eye

Eye of GNOME 2.19.2 is the second under-heavy-development release of Eye of GNOME in the direction of GNOME 2.20. This is a special release: it’s the first one that ships the new plugin system which allows developers to extend EOG’s UI and behavior. Of course, a lot of polishing is still needed but the possibilities are quite vast.

Special thanks go to the Gedit and Epiphany teams because most of the EOG plugin system code came from those projects.

As usual, please, crash, play, use, crash again, extend EOG as much as you can. :-)

First EOG plugin

As a proof of concept for the plugin system, I wrote a very simple plugin which nicely integrates EOG and Postr.

Eye of GNOME and Postr playing together.

Menu item added by the plugin.

Plugin manager in the Preferences dialog.

Three important notes about the screenshots and the plugin:

  • I haven’t released the plugin code yet because it’s just a proof of concept thing. Now I need to write it the right way.
  • The thumbnails pane in Eye of GNOME is using a patched GtkIconView which makes the selections much more visible.
  • For those who use Postr, you probably saw something different in its UI. You’re right! I’ve made some improvements in the thumbnails pane. Ross already merged in the main repository.

Roadmap Process – Reminder for GNOME maintainers

Dear GNOME maintainers, the deadline to reply the roadmap information request for your modules is May 7. It’s very important to have your replies so that we can have a high quality roadmap for our next stable releases.

To know more about the Roadmap Process, go to:

To keep track of all the gathered Roadmap information, go to:

The Roadmap Process is going really well so far and I think we’ll be able to spot some really nice things about us as a community (I’ll blog about it later).

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