Mojitito: Mojito in Javascript


So, I wanted to play a bit with Moblin’s Mojito just to know how cool and easy it is to use it on GNOME. So, tonight I ended up writing “Mojitito”. It comprises a Javascript wrapper that exposes Mojito’s DBus API and can be easily used in any Javascript-based app (GNOME Shell for example) and a crappy Clutter-based UI which just lists the items in an ultra-simple way (just wanted to write something to use the Mojito wrapper). Anyway, you can get the code here (you need gjs and mojito. Just run the “mojitito” script) if you want to play with it. I only configured a test Twitter account but a real UI implementation should be able to present items from, Flickr, MySpace, etc in a fancy way. Anyway, it’s pretty simple to use Mojito and I’m really looking forward to seeing this kind of stuff being nicely integrated in our new shell!


  • I’m eating too much. I’ll definitely some weight here. It’s funny that I haven’t heard of anyone getting sick because of any food here. There’s a lot “risky” food here… The “Sueco Especial” for example looked a bit scary at first :-P
  • Don’t believe in what Diego and Vincent are saying! I understand (almost) everything people say in spanish here. It’s amazing! Speaking spanish is another story though…
  • Could find any open restaurant at 1h AM last night! It was Sunday but still… Well, we ended up finding a open bar where we had some simple but good sandwiches.
  • I really liked the GNOME 3.0 talk today. It was useful to show how many cool things are happening for GNOME 3.0.
  • Went to a quick/informal GTK+ meeting today. I hope some the stuff discussed there turn into actual action soon.
  • Daniel is right, I’m 23 years old! :-P
  • For some weird reason, I ended up being the “official” photographer for the GCDS group photo! Terrible idea as I’m a lousy photographer! :-P (I’ll publish it soon bt the way)
  • GSettings looks pretty interesting. Client side windows in GTK+ seems very promissing. Love Moblin’s Mojito. GNOME Shell is moving really fast.
  • GNOME 1,2,3 talk was awesome!
  • More later!

In Boston

So, I just arrived in Boston. When I got to the hotel, my room was not ready yet so I had to randomly walk around the city for about 1 hour. I was quite tired but it was a nice walk after all. I found this nice bookstore where I bought two books I was looking for with very good prices: the biographies of Coltrane (by Ratliff) and Davis (by Davis). I’m reading now the biography of Jimi Hendrix (by Cross). Cool stuff.

Anyway, if you’re around and want to have dinner/a beer this week, just let me know.


Long time, no blog posts.

I’ve been going through a stressful UK visa process since mid-April and that (in addition to several other small problems occured during this time) gradually busted most of my energy for GNOME stuff. Anyway, the good news is that the visa process is over and I’m back!

Some quick/random notes:

  • GNOME 2.24 was released! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this release!
  • The new much-saner session manager was integrated in GNOME 2.24! I was a bit worried about this because, in middle of the development cycle,  I realized that I wouldn’t have time to finish what I started on time for the 2.24 release. Fortunately, Jon McCan stepped up and made all the necessary major changes and fixes to make this release possible. So, big thanks to all contributors of this gnome-session release, especially, Dan Winship, Jon McCan, Matthias Clasen and Vincent Untz!
  • LiTL stuff is moving on very well: great team, exciting project. The whole LiTL team will meet in Boston during the week before Boston Summit and some of us will attend the Summit this year. If you’re interested in working with us, talk to Havoc!
  • Carol and I have been watching lots of movies. We got some DVD boxes: Die Hard, Band of Brothers, and The Godfather. Also, some TV series: Lost, In Treatment, Heroes, CSI, and others.
  • I created some “topic-oriented” pages in my blog to share my experiences with jazz and wines. I’ll gradually increment the content of those pages. I’ll write a new musical snapshot soon as there are lots of new stuff to talk about now.
  • I bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Nice and relatively cheap. Here are some photos took with the new lens.

More and more GUADEC

So, here are my quick comment for the day:

  • Luis opening talk: quick and nice.
  • Release team meeting: we prepared some interesting slides.
  • Board meeting about where the next GUADEC will take place.
  • Had time to attend two talks: Clutter and Leisa Reichelt. Both pretty cool.
  • Spent the rest of afternoon working on the organization of the Drooling Macaque “concert” and jam session.
  • At night, “concert” and jam session: I think it was really fun! Thanks to everyone who participated by being part of the band or by just being a nice audience!
  • Tomorrow: maybe more small meetings, some talks to see, and boat party at night!
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