GNOME Annual Report 2008 released!

GNOME Annual Report 2008

Better late than never! The GNOME Annual Report 2008 is out! You can download it here (18680 KB, PDF). The report aims to bring a summary of GNOME in 2008.

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

5 thoughts on “GNOME Annual Report 2008 released!”

  1. nice job. however it does not look very professional. i liked the very first one you published (2006?) the best since it looked very professional.

  2. @jry, ok, point taken. I don’t really blame the designer. He’s very talented. We had some time contraints that left us little time for polishing, unfortunately. We’ll still fix bugs in this report though (feel free to report design issues if you want). I agree that the 2006 reports looks very polished and cleaner. For the 2009 annual report, we’ll work closer with the GNOME Marketing and GNOME Journal teams which will potentially bring more contributors what will allow us to be more efficient. Also, we’ll try to start the content development much earlier this year.

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