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While deciding about libgdata inclusion in GNOME 2.28, we (Release Team) somehow considered it didn’t make much sense to have libgdata in the desktop suite. So, one thing that came to my mind was that we need some space to aggregate development efforts aiming to integrate online social services in GNOME. Also, it seems that we need to highlight those modules in a more clear way as it seems that just a few people are aware of those GNOME-based technologies. In order to get “something” started before I forget it, I created this wiki page:

I tried to include all the cool modules I know about that aim to integrate with online social services in some way: from instant messaging to maps, from Google apps to CouchDB. I tried to draft some proposed guidelines for the modules so that we can (maybe) define cross-module goals in the short-term. Providing GObject Introspection support could be one. Proving new plugins to Mojito could be another. Or maybe covering more online services. My impression is that Mojito brings a nice way to integrate data from different social services behind a simple API. Maybe a mid-term goal could be to thing about ways to integration online services in GNOME Shell?

Anyway, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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3 thoughts on “GNOME Integration with Online Services”

  1. libsoylent, liblicense, and mojito seem like they’ll bring some interesting things to the desktop.

  2. In latest days I work on libopengdesktop ( ), a Glib library to handle Open Collaboration Services ( ) providers such as .
    At the current stage only website in network are compliant with the protocol, but I’m also working on a free implementation which fetches contents from gnome-look:

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