More Nice Things

Well, there were too many things to tell and, of course, I forgot some other nice stuff.

We from Paroano Sai Milhó started to record our first DVD show. Yay! Also, our website is under construction. Nice! :-)

My other band, now called Pretutu (the name WAS Pã) started to record its first album. You can listen to some old dirty recorded songs here. Well, recording sessions are happening very often so I hope we can finish and release the album in the next monthes. The album will be (probably) CC licensed. First, I need to convince the other members of the band.

Last week, I went to the Whitworth College Jazz show at Teatro Castro Alves. Nice show! There were no super-mega-powerful-ultra instrumentist but as group the band is great! They performed songs from Thelonious Monk and others.



Nice things

I haven’t been posting for a long time. Well, lots of things happened since Christmas. I’ll try to post a summary of the nicest things here.

Christmas and New Year were REALLY great! I and Carol went to Arantina (a very small town at Minas Gerais state). The town has a web site! Wow! There we met my loving family. It was wonderful to meet all my cousins, uncles and aunts. I ate a LOT and got fatter (lucasr += 4kg). Here you can see some photos.

I’ve got an ibook 12″, 1ghz, 724mb RAM, 60gb HD from tiagovaz. Very nice! Installed Breezy with no problems. Everything works just fine.

Carol, my wife, has just graduated in CS! Some people on IRC commented about how wonderful is to be together with a woman who understands what you’re doing. Yes, it’s really nice! :-) Some photos here.

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