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GNOME Brasil, the brazilian GNOME users and developers group, now has a brand new and sexy collaborative website. It’s hosted on‘s TWiki server which bring us closer to the wider free software brazilian community.

Big thanks to:

  • Vicente for bringing this idea, producing part of the initial content and coordinating most of the process
  • Vinicius for the great design work
  • Aurium for the CSS and TWiki black magic
  • Olav and Terceiro for setting up the domains and servers in GNOME and SoftwareLivre.Org respectively

And that’s not all! The 4th edition of our Fórum GNOME, the main GNOME event in Brazil, will take place in Aracaju/SE inside the 2nd Northeastern Free Software Conference from September 28th to 30th. Our website will be officialy released there! Special thanks to Izabel for organizing  Fórum GNOME this year! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the Fórum this year… I’m sure it will be a nice conference!

For all brazilian GNOMErs out there: go to Aracaju, have fun, and spread the word about our beloved desktop!

Some brazilian bits in GNOME

I remember a couple years ago the brazilian presence within the GNOME community was quite small. On the code development front, there were only Guilherme and me. The brazilian l10n team was lacking new contributors and the heavy translation work used to be concentrated among just a few people.

Today, ~2 years later, we have many more brazilians hacking on GNOME. Here are the new heroes:

  • Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes: co-maintaining gnome-mag;
  • Bruno Boaventura: bugsquad member, hacking on metacity and helping EOG;
  • John Wendell: hacking on vino;

On the l10n front, our team has some good news too. The brazilian l10n Ubuntu team is joining efforts with us. Now they will contribute translations directly to upstream (GNOME) and then import their work with Rosetta in Ubuntu. Because of this, the GNOME brazilian l10n team received new contributors. I’m sure this will have a direct (positive) impact on the quality of the brazilian portuguese translation of GNOME 2.18. Special thanks to:

  • Og Maciel, for the great effort to integrate the Ubuntu and GNOME teams;
  • Leonardo Fontenelle, for the great effort to make the brazilian portuguese translation rock.

I’m sure I’ll be bringing more good brazilian news for GNOME from now on! Go Go Go Brazil! :-)

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