I’ve said bad things about the finnish food before. Since I moved to Finland, I’ve been experimenting several kinds of “native” food: from hering to makkara, from reindeer to “new potatoes”. My opinion about the food hasn’t changed too much. I still don’t like it in general but I can live with that now. :-P

However, there’s one thing that you can only eat in Finland that is fucking delicious: the finnish strawberries. It’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever eaten!

Finnish strawberries
Finnish strawberries: delicious!

The GNOME Journal, June Edition

The latest issue of the GNOME Journal has just been published! It features an article about GStreamer audio effects, an interview with Ken VanDine about GNOME 2.18 Live Media releases, an introduction to Accerciser, and a summary of 2007. Writers in this edition are Stefan Kost, Paul Cutler, Eitan Isaacson, and Davyd Madeley, respectively.

Big thanks to the editors of this edition: Stephanie Watson and Laurie VanDine.

The GNOME Journal features original content and commentary for and by the GNOME community. All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

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Different things

Last week…

  • Acoustic guitar: it’s been a long time I don’t play and sing. So, I thought it was a good time to come back to the music mood at home. Baby don’t worry about a thing… Every little thing is gonna be alright! Yeah!
  • Tennis equipment: Carol and I had this weird idea of playing tennis. We this public tennis place close to our place and we thought it was a good oportunity to start playing. Roland Garros 2008, here we go!
  • Sunglasses: Carol and I have been looking for sunglasses for a long time. Coincidentaly, we found some good ones in a supermarket. Here’s how I look. It seems to come from the 70’s. :-P

The Drooling Macaque Band @ GUADEC 2007

Great news! The Drooling Macaque Band will make a concert at GUADEC2007 in Birmingham. This is because the conference agenda fits perfectly on ours because it starts in 15th July, just after our concert with Jamiroquai, and goes until 21st of July, just before our concert with U2 and Radiohead. This means that we’re available for the whole conference time and we will make GUADEC 2007 rock even more because…

1. We rock!
2. We play “Wish You Were Here” and “Come Together”
3. We rock!
4. We organize jam sessions which makes everyone have fun
5. We rock!
6. Ah… we rock!

(Hmm, we could make a song out of this…)

Of course we’re a very organized band and have setup a wiki page for GUADEC2007 stuff. If you don’t believe we rock, have a look at some pictures and a video of our previous GUADEC concert at Vilanova (Spain).

It seems the concert will take place on Tuesday night during a cool conference party. If you’re interested in being part of the world famous GNOME band, add your name in the wiki page and be aware that we’ll probably do a rehearsal some day before the concert. Of course, the idea is to give space for a jam after the concert, so if you play some instrument, feel free to add your name there too.

Seriously, this is going to be fun.

Spinning off Hildon

As pointed out by Carlos in GNOME Mobile mailing list and Quim in his presentation at LinuxTag, Hildon will become an upstream project. The idea from now on is to make Hildon a more independent and community-driven project as it’s going to be used in different contexts other than Maemo (i.e. Ubuntu Mobile). This means that Hildon won’t be a Maemo-specific project anymore and will have its own release schedule, roadmap and community.

As a consequence, we decided to move the full Hildon stack to GNOME infrastructure. This way we can stay closer to GNOME community and stimulate collaboration between both projects. We’ve started the migration process already but it will take some time because we need to first re-organize our internal way of working to make sure everything is fine after the migration. Big thanks to Olav for the great and quick help!

For those who don’t know: what is Hildon?

Hildon introduces a new desktop for handheld devices. It comprises a lightweight desktop, a set of widgets optimized for handheld devices, a set of theming tools and other complementary libraries and applications.

We’ve created a page GNOME wiki. There you can find a brainstorming space for the release schedule and roadmap, a status page for our migration to GNOME, and how to get involved in Hildon. We already have a mailing list in GNOME servers. If you are interested in Hildon development, don’t hesitate to subscribe!

Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0
This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0.