Well, 8 days before II Fórum GNOME, the brazilian GNOME conference. Brazil has some huge GNOME deployment cases and lots of home users but doesn’t have an organized user and developer community. The II Fórum will be an excelent chance to start. So, for now, I’m just creating an IRC channel (#gnome-br) at irc.gimp.net to aglomerate people interested in creating a vivid brazilian GNOME community. Join us!

In brazilian portuguese:

Estamos a 8 dias dias do II Fórum GNOME, a conferência brasileira do GNOME. O Brasil tem alguns casos de adoção em larga escala do GNOME e um monte de usuários domésticos porém não tem uma comunidade organizada de usuários e desenvolvedores. O II Fórum será uma ótima oportunidade para isso. Então, por agora, estou apenas criando um canal IRC (#gnome-br) em irc.gimp.net para congregar brasileir@s interessad@s em formar uma comunidade brasileira do GNOME. Participe!

EOG, Zenity and Movies

EOG “super-exciting” 2.13.2 release is out! It has lots of bug fixes and an awesome UI rework. There’s still much to do but EOG is already a much nicer app now. See NEWS for detailed list of changes. I received several positive feedback from users and developers what makes me very happy! :-)

Zenity 2.13.2 is released too. No exciting stuff for now but 2.13.3 will have useful-nice-litle-features!

I and Carol watched some movies (and ate a lot) this weekend:


II Fórum GNOME in Brazil and EOG UI rework

I’ll attend II Forum GNOME this year. It’s the first event I attend as a GNOME dev, this is nice. I’ll give a talk about GNOME Desktop present and future. Probably I’ll talk about the current desktop features, perfomance efforts, potential new modules and some other interesting stuff that some other GNOME hacker suggests. :-)

Tim Ney, Germán Póo Caamaño, and Sandino Flores will be there too. It’ll be nice to meet other GNOME people. Actually, I never personally met anyone from GNOME. I think the Forum could have more hacking activities. There are just a few people here in Brazil directly involved with GNOME development. We need to get more brazilian contributors through hacklabs and workshops. Another problem is that no one here knows about the event. A serious communication problem.

EOG UI Rework
Well, I started the EOG UI rework that is part of our plans for 2.14. I didn’t finish it yet but here is a screenshot (with one of the awesome Garrett LeSage’s photos):

Evince-like UI for EOG

I’m thinking about moving the Image Information side pane to a separate dialog. The current side pane takes too much space and there are too many EXIF data to show in a litle space. This dialog would have an image thumbnail, the EXIF data and next/prev/close buttons for easy navigation through images. I know dialogs sucks but the current approach is ugly. Discussion about this issue is taking place here. Comments?


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