EOG, Zenity and Movies

EOG “super-exciting” 2.13.2 release is out! It has lots of bug fixes and an awesome UI rework. There’s still much to do but EOG is already a much nicer app now. See NEWS for detailed list of changes. I received several positive feedback from users and developers what makes me very happy! :-)

Zenity 2.13.2 is released too. No exciting stuff for now but 2.13.3 will have useful-nice-litle-features!

I and Carol watched some movies (and ate a lot) this weekend:


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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

4 thoughts on “EOG, Zenity and Movies”

  1. We once hired that movie [Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever] from the dodgy video store up the road, only to discover that it was a screener copy.

    It would randomly go black and white, and lose the music.

    It was also incredibly bad.

  2. The new eog ui is awesome!

    With that said, could you make it a preference to *not* display the exif image data by default? Maybe even have it set a gconf key so I could set it with Sabayon? This might also be the stock default. Most people don’t really care about the exif, and the geeks that do will know how to enable it.

    I never liked the 2.8-2.10 versions of eog as I had trouble explaining to my (non-techie) parents why you couldn’t print in the default image viewer. Until 2.13.1 came out, I had them using gthumb and uninstalled eog.

    The new layout is much easier to use and the two most important functions of an image viewer (printing & zoom) work flawlessly, great job!

  3. Hi Lucas,

    Nice to see that i am not alone in the brazilian country music universe… :) I was born in state of Goiás and grown up listening this kind of muisic, that i like so much… Nowadays i am living in Recife and working at INdT. Last friday me and my girlfriend went to a Zezé & Luciano show here. We enjoyed a lot.


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