Pasta, soccer and wiki

This weekend I and Carol prepared a special lunch: spaghetti!

Look at this wonderful sauce!

Hummmm… ready!

On sunday, soccer game on TV: Brazil vs Mexico. I’m not a sports fan but It was no good to see the brazilian team playing so horribly and losing to Mexico.

I finally began to post my mastering stuff in GNOSIS TWiki (in portuguese).

Last night was valentine’s day. So I and Carol watched two movies: The Day After Tomorrow and The Terminal. The former is a movie from the same director of Indenpence Day, so it’s just boring! The second is more interesting with a great Tom Hanks performance. Today we watched Vanilla Sky, a interesting movie but the end was too “didatic”.

I’m very happy because Glynn invited me to maintain zenity module. Zenity is a tool for displaying GTK+ dialog boxes from command line and shell scripts.

I’ve been very busy with the mastering readings. Aurelio has just setup a TWiki Web for my research stuff. I hope to be putting all my work there…

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