GSoC 2008 students on Planet GNOME

Let’s say Welcome! to our GSoC students! From now on, you’ll see their blog posts on Planet GNOME with this GSoC mini-banner:

Not many of them have sent me their blog feed info but I’m working on getting most of our students on Planet as soon as possible. Students, it’s time to introduce yourselves! :-)

GNOME 2.24 Roadmap Released

The GNOME Roadmap for 2.24 (and partially for 2.26 and future 2.x releases) is available at:

The GNOME Roadmap is a big-picture view of functionality we expect GNOME to include in short-term and long-term future. The roadmap is based on feedback from current GNOME developers and other community members.

We hope this roadmap increases the awereness about the future steps of the project inside and outside the community and helps us to look forward and plan where we want to go.

To have access to the Roadmap of previous stable releases, go to:

To know more about our Roadmap process, go to:

Big thanks to everyone who contributed with information and reviews!

History meme

history | awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | sort -rn | head
130 vim
106 cd
74 ls
33 make
28 git
24 grep
19 sudo
18 rm
12 svn
11 touch

Yeah, yeah, I love vim!

Joining LiTL

It’s time to tell where I’m going. I’m sure this is not a surprise anymore to many :-)

I’m joining Havoc‘s team at LiTL to work on a very exciting project.

Unfortunately,  I can’t tell anything about the project for now (actually, I think it will take some time until we can say anything). But yes, it’s GNOME-related and involves the development of a consumer product comprising hardware, software, and online services.

I’ll stay in Finland until June doing remote work and then move to London to work on a LiTL office there.


We need more Roadmap info

The deadline for replying the roadmap info request is today and there are still quite many modules without fresh roadmap. I decided to wait on more week for the replies before starting to prepare the first draft.

Maintainers and developers, wake up! Reply today and win a nice trip to the moon! Just let me know if you haven’t seen any roadmap request in your inbox.

Google Summer of Code 2008 – Accepting student applications!

Google is now accepting student applications!

If you’re a university student and want to contribute to GNOME during GSoC, have a look at our GSoC wiki page, check our list of project ideas, read our wiki page with information for students, and follow the guide for student applicants!

You probably want to contribute to GNOME.
It’s so cool to be part of GNOME!
Our community will rock your world!
Join us!

Session Management in 2.24

In 2006, Dan Winship presented some ideas about the future of session management in GNOME. He wrote the initial code and defined this nice architecture which turns gnome-session into a more generic session management system and makes it easier to eventually replace the current XSMP-based session management with a saner and less cryptic D-Bus-based protocol in the future. On June 2007, he made a code drop on a branch called new-gnome-session and stopped working on that (for various personal reasons).

Since October 2007, I’ve been sparsely working on this new code (with full support from Dan) on my spare time by filling some gaps, fixing bugs, implementing missing features, etc. So, now the code reached a functional state and I’ve just merged the new-gnome-session branch in trunk. Vincent Untz and I will be working on making the new code shine for 2.24.

If you want to know the general ideas around the new gnome-session, read:

Most of the design and features described there are already implemented (if not all).

If you want to know what’s still missing and want to help us, read:

The new gnome-session is fully compatible with current session clients (GnomeClient and others) and no code changes are required on existing apps. However, some simple changes are necessary on some basic components that run during the session such as gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-panel, nautilus, metacity, gnome-keyring, etc. I have most of the patches ready and I’ll be filing bugs for each component soon (actually, I’ve made other necessary changes in some modules during the 2.21/2.22 cycle already).

Big thanks to Dan! This important move would not be possible without his support and invaluable efforts.

There’s still a lot to do during this development cycle.

Testing and patches are more than welcome!

Leaving Nokia

I really enjoyed my time at Nokia and Finland. I was very lucky to directly work with very talented and generous people. I’ve made some good friends here and it will be hard to say goodbye soon. My last day at Nokia is March 28th.

It’s too early to tell about what I’ll be doing in the near future. Exciting stuff, for sure. :-P

Update: Xan, Tommi and Johan (who doesn’t have a blog) are leaving too. See you around guys! :-)

GNOME Roadmap – Information requests for 2.24 sent!

As part of our roadmap process, we’ve sent the roadmap information requests to all module maintainers/developers. If you are a maintainer/developer of a GNOME official module and haven’t received the cited message, just let us know about which modules we’ve missed.

As usual, as soon as we have a first draft of the GNOME 2.24 roadmap, we’ll heat up some discussions in desktop-devel-list about this and the future stable releases of GNOME in order to get feeback about the roadmap, discuss about potential cross-module plans, and so on.

On 2.22, we’ve made important changes in our Desktop and Platform. The upcoming 2.24 release has an important role on consolidating those changes and preparing the ground for pushing the project to new directions. Let’s make it happen!

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