GNOME 3.7.1 sightings

After spending some time mostly focused on polishing and delivering GNOME 3.6, we’re already at the point again where the new development cycle is starting to take off.

GNOME 3.7.1 will be out later today. It is the first early development snapshot in the 3.7 cycle, so don’t expect too much yet. Our plans for this cycle are beginning to take shape here. While smoke testing 3.7.1, I managed to capture a few small glimpses of new things.

Nautilus is searching recursively again. Search is still being under active development, with more improvements to come. Since search doesn’t screen-shoot very well, here is the new file system capacity pie chart:

GNOME online accounts has a new provider for OwnCloud. This is not practically useful in 3.7.1, because the OwnCloud support in various applications is not there yet. Expect that to fall into place soon.

In another corner of the GNOME control-center, the network panel has grown support for the ‘Ignore Hosts’ field. I’m sure people who have to deal with manual proxy configuration will appreciate that.

As you can see in the device list, the network panel is now showing ‘exotic’ (from a laptop user perspective) network connections, such as vlans and bonds.

6 thoughts on “GNOME 3.7.1 sightings”

  1. Please reimplemented Type-Ahead-Find! Automatic search is embarrassing slow even with a SSD and guessing *of course* always wrong.

  2. What if any is going to be done to reduce carpal Tunnel problems.
    With Gnome 3.7 we have to click on favourites, (1) click on filter(2) and click on application (3).
    We need a hover option. Slide the mouse to the top left corner to close a windows and if you go a touch too far, baam, all windows change sizes as we go to window select mode. There is no way to put in a delay.
    And split out the add/remove software, to what it was before (fedora 18 annoyance).
    Put back the functionality to nautilus that was removed.

    FYI, sorry to say, but after 7 years of using Gnome, I have switched to cinnamon. Cinnamon offers one click for selecting a program to execute that is not registered in the favourites or panel. Gnome developers, you do not have exclusivity on intelligence. Pick up good ideas from the alternatives. Why can’t I have a default where all the icons are displayed, and I have only to select the filtering I want (games, system admin, etc).

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