Guadec – still going strong

We are into day 4 of Guadec in Brno now. The quality of the talks has been extraordinary. I sadly didn’t manage to catch any talks yesterday, but this morning, I saw a quick succession of excellent presentations.

The day started off with Cathy Malmrose of ZaReason telling us about the challenges of keeping hardware accessible and how she would like to offer a GNOME option for the laptops they are selling.

Next was Juan Pablo Ugarte showing his glade mastery. He was giving a talk about CSS support in glade that he has been working on recently, and how he has been using it to create custom, themed applications. During the talk it transpired that he not only writes custom applications with glade, but his presentation slides were done in glade as well, and exported as a pdf. Who know there was a presentation tool hiding in glade !

Right now I am listening to Stef Walter explaining how we can be more secure by taking the typical ‘security’ out of  software.

Stef WalterBehind the scenes, I’ve seen Wayland developers talk to Systemd developers, planning for a better future:

Mr. Systemd

Mr. Wayland