GNOME 3.14 impressions

As part of the release preparation, I’ve done some smoketesting of GNOME 3.14 – looking good! As I usually do, I’ve taken some screenshots while testing things, to share some impressions. Screenshot from 2014-09-24 07:50:18-smallScreenshot from 2014-09-24 09:25:44-smallScreenshot from 2014-09-24 07:30:42-smallNow back to final release preparations.

12 thoughts on “GNOME 3.14 impressions”

    1. we use the dark theme variant for ‘content applications’ (which is admittedly a somewhat vague term)

  1. Nice, though in the last screenshot I find it quite disturbing to have 3 different title bar styles on the same screen.

      1. That’s so cool! i just saw the phorenix news. Gnome is amazing! best accessibility options. you guys are awesome

  2. Simple question: what’s the email client I see on the second screenshot?

    I usually use Evolution but in 2014 I still find strange behaviors like the pop-up window that checks new emails may never close… No time-outs?! Something so important still buggy? So, I may try something else…

  3. Hello Mr. Clasen! First of all thanks a lot for all the effort you and the entire gnome-team put into this beautiful piece of software.

    Though I appreciate the integration of touch support I’d like to know whether you guys are thinking about implementing the same gestures for touchpads? Would absolutely love to see that. Keep on with your great work! Cheers!

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