Recipes for you and me

Since I’ve last written about recipes, we’ve started to figure out what we can achieve in time for GNOME 3.24, with an eye towards delivering a useful application. The result is this plan, which should be doable.

But: your help is needed. We need more recipe contributions from the GNOME community to have a well-populated initial experience. Everybody who contributes a recipe before 3.24 will get a little thank-you from us, so don’t delay…

The 0.8.0 release that I’ve just created already contains the first steps of this plan. One thing we decided is that we don’t have the time and resources to make the ingredients view useful by March, so the Ingredients tab is gone for now.

At the same time, there’s a new feature here, and that is the blue tile leading to the shopping list view:

The design for this page is still a bit up in the air, so you should expect this to change in the next releases. I decided to merge it already anyway, since I am impatient, and this view already provides useful functionality. You can print the shopping list:

Beyond this, I’ve spent some time on polishing and fixing bugs. One thing that I’ve discovered to my embarrassment earlier this week is that exporting recipes from the flatpak did not actually work. I had only ever tested this with an un-sandboxed local build.

Sorry to everyone who tried to export their recipe and was left wondering why it didn’t work!

We’ve now fixed all the bugs that were involved here, both in recipes and in the file chooser portal and in the portal infrastructure itself, and exporting recipes works fine with the current flatpak, which, as always, you can install from here:

One related issue that became apparent during this bug hunt is that things work less than perfectly if the portals are not present on the host system. Until that becomes less likely, I’ve added a bit of code to make the failure less mysterious, and give you some idea how to fix it:

I think recipes is proving its value as  a test bed and early adopter for flatpak and portals. At this point, it is using the file chooser portal, the account information portal, the print portal, the notification portal, the session inhibit portal, and it would also use the sharing portal, if we had that already.

I shouldn’t close this post without mentioning that you will have a chance to hear a bit from Elvin about the genesis of this application in the Fosdem design devroom. See you there!

12 thoughts on “Recipes for you and me”

  1. The flatpak build seems broken:

    $ flatpak run org.gnome.Recipes
    execvp recipes: Permission denied

      1. Should I report a bug? Where do I start debugging to give you at least some info on the issue?

        1. A good start might be

          flatpak run –devel –command=sh org.gnome.Recipes
          ls -l /app/bin/

          to see if the binary is really not executable

  2. Hi Matthias, nice app!
    Is it possible to have categories like “cakes”, “first plates”, “second plates”, “desserts”, …? It wold be great to have the possibility to combine them, for example to search for “nut-free dessers” or “gluten-free first plates”.

    I found a couple of bugs:

    1) If I click on “My recipes” (not having written one before) the app crashes

    2) The app crashes if I do this:
    a) launch the app
    b) look for something (Ctrl+f)
    c) select a recipe from the suggestions
    d) press the back button (on the left on the title bar)

    1. thanks for trying it!

      there are categories for meal types (like “cake”, “entree”, “dessert”) – you can search by them if you use the search popover, and you can browse by them on the cuisine view. And yes, in the search, you can combine meal types and dietary restrictions and other search criteria. I’ll look at your crashes. The second one should be fixed already.

    2. I could not reproduce the “My recipes” crash. Can you obtain a stacktrace for that ?

  3. Having issues with the flapak version. I click to add a picture or myself or the finished food, but nothing happens. Had to build locally from git, which makes it all work fine. This will probably cause issues for others, resulting in fewer recipe submissions than you might otherwise get.

    Installed from flatpak using the instructions on the page for Debian testing.

    That said, I finally managed a recipe and uploaded it to bugzilla:

    1. Thanks for your recipe!

      The problem you had with the flatpak is that xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-gtk were not installed on your system. I’ve now added a check for this and recipes will now display an error message in this case. Sorry about this

  4. Meg Ford is giving a talk on Flatpak at this weekend’s ChicagoLUG meeting, and we’ll be using GNOME Recipes as an example application. We’ll encourage people to submit recipes.

    1. Thats pretty cool. I had no idea. I’ll be using recipes as an example in my flatpak talk at Devconf in Brno too.

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