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With the big push towards 1.0 now over, the development in GNOME recipes has moved to a more relaxed pace. But that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening! In fact, our team is growing, we will have two interns joining us this cycle, Ekta and Paxana.

While we are waiting for Ekta and Paxana to start working on the big projects for this cycle (sharing and unit conversion),  a number of smaller improvements have landed and will hopefully appear in a development release soon.

More recipes

We were somewhat successful in getting recipe contributions from the GNOME community.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed – keep it coming !

One consequence of this success is that we have too much data to ship with the application – the tarball for 1.0 was bigger than 100MB. To avoid this problem growing even further, the current development release downloads all recipe and image data at runtime, when needed. I’m very interested in feedback about how well that works.

More cuisines

Another consequence is that we now have so many cuisines represented that they don’t fit on one page anymore.

To address this, I’ve added an expander to show more cuisines.

Another improvement around cuisines is that we now offer all the cuisines that we know about to the cuisine combo box when you are editing recipes. A small step towards a user interface that adapts to your use of the application.

Inline editing

One of the findings of our testing session with Jakub and Tuomas at devconf was that creating a recipe was too fiddly, in particular the popover-heavy editing of the ingredients list.

To address this, we are moving to an inline editing approach for the ingredients list. To make this easier, I first refactored the ingredients list to be a separate widget which is now shared between the edit page and the details page (in a read-only mode).

Ekta is helping me with this.

Row reordering

Another outcome of our testing session was that we need to let the user reorder the ingredients list, which was not possible back in January. For 1.0, we added buttons to move a row up or down, but that was more of a stop-gap solution.

What we really want is to reorder rows by drag-and-drop,so I spent a bit of time recently to figure out drag-and-drop support for list boxes.

Temperature conversion

Last, but not least, we also added some preliminary support for unit conversion.

For now, we can display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Currently, this gets determined by a setting, but as the next step, we are going to pick this up from the locale.

Paxana is working on this, as a warm-up for her internship project.

5 thoughts on “Recipes growing team”

  1. What does this app do beyond what document processors (and text editors) already do that warrants having a separate app? It’s obviously inspired by the pointless-app-for-every-niche model in the Android/iOS ecosystems.

    1. I suggest you try it it to find out! If you don’t like it, you can go back to cooking with your text editor…

    2. You seem oddly mad about the types of thing other people choose to create in their free time, & in your obvious rush to prove some condescending point about that, forgot to bother learning a single detail about what you’re trying to criticise. An incredibly bad post.

  2. Hi, I like the program and the idea of having recipes for the community, despite that competition is tough as there are trillion of sites out there.
    I personally use those heavily for searching for recipes. The feature I personally miss most from those sites, is the possibility to rate and comment those recipes
    I don’t know, but maybe there is already a free recipe backend with web frontend which could be used to provide this and other functionality.

  3. Great news and best of luck. I was greatly impressed by the UI and UX of this program, very well thought out.
    Hope you and the team consider leveraging the components into a project/note taking app one day – after all a recipe is just a mini project 😉

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