Fin de un capítulo

Today is my last work day at my current job, it’s been a great time, lot of fun and of course a great experience, see how a big public organization in my country works has changed my way to see everything around here, I’ve had the opportunity to met nice people and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with all my good friends with which i worked, thanks you so much for everything!.

Back to Santiago

Just get my home at Santiago de Chile from Madrid, I’ve spent one extra day at my sister’s house and did a trip around the city with Claudio, the flight was good and i just tried to sleep the much as possible.

GUADEC was really good this year, i had the chance to meet cool people for first time in person like Andre Klapper, Jens Granseuer, Karsten Bräckelmann, Paul Cooper, Henrik Omma, Carlos Perello, Andreas Nilsson, Jono Bacon, Daniel Siegel, Diego Escalante, Jörgen Scheibengruber, Adam Janos, and of course was really good to meet again to the crazy guys! Lucas Rocha, Bastien Nocera, Rodrigo Moya, Alberto Ruiz, Chema Casanova, Gil Forcada, Juanjo Sanchez, Glynn Foster, Silvia Miranda, Danilo Segan, Behnam and Behdad Esfahbod, Izabel Valverde, Quim Gil, Fernando Herrera, Carlos Garnacho, Zaheer Merali, Vincent Untz, and soo many others that i probably forgot, thanks to all you guys and of course to the GUADEC Committee for making GUADEC an awesome event!



Hacking the drinks machine

Quiero mis patatas bravas!

I arrived yesterday to Madrid, the flight was ok this time, the flight arrived to the T4-Satellite or something like that, so i was a little bit lost Barajas is a really big airport, the good thing is that this time i didn’t lost my baggage :-). My Sister meet me at the airport, with her friend Sonia and my totally cool nephew Luca, his my first nephew so I’m totally happy, Luca you’re making my world.


World say hi to Luca!, Luca say hi to the World!

I’ll be here till the Saturday morning, so if you want to meet me just drop me and email so we can take some tapas around.

Santa Maradona priez pour moi

A couple of weeks ago Bastien came out with the idea of play some football at GUADEC you know just like last year… so guess what? yeah! we are going to play the second version of FreeFA Tournament, did you played the last year? want to take some revenge? what are you waiting ! put your name on the list, the teams will be arrange later, we need like 40 players or so, so the soon you can subscribe the better.

The Winners from the last tournament

Oh and today Colo Colo the football team that Claudio and I are fans, won the local championship for 3rd time consecutive ha ha isn’t that cool?!! I went to the stadium and it was awesome! I’m still a little excited about it 😉


FLISOL 2007 Update

Last Saturday the whole Latin América celebrated the FLISOL 2007 in my city it was held in the DIINF USACH, it was cool, lot of people and a lovely ambient our stand was almost all the time with guys asking things or just seeing what GNOME can do for them, we made a bunch of stickers for giving away to all who want it and also our stand had a PC where the people can did common tasks like reading emails, news through the net, chatting, etc.

GNOME stand

our stand

A lot of people asked me if we had GNOME t-shirts to give, i only can say to them “i’m sorry…” cause all the t-shirts (GUADEC’s ones) we had, we gave them last year during the GNOME Day event and sadly we don’t have enough money for print, anyways i promised them t-shirts for this year but not before GUADEC, so I’m now just crossing my fingers and hoping the GUADEC committee this year can give us a couple just like last year.

GNOME stand

Felipe stayed almost all the day at the stand helping people.

There were also more communities like Ubuntu and Fedora both of them have stands and help people to install his favorite distribution. You can see the stands here and here.

Thanks a lot to the organizers for invited us and for made this event one of the best FLISOL’s ever.

there's something better?

also you can get free coffee served by cute girls, tasty.

I’m gonna try to put all the photos i can (sorry i don’t have a pro account) of that day in this flickr set.