This Saturday 28th the whole Latin America will celebrate the FLISOL 2007, I’m gonna go to the one in my City (Santiago), the event will be held in the Departamento de Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, we are going to have a booth there for demo’ing our lovely GNOME 2.18, help people to install it in their computers and I’m also giving a talk at 15:00 or so. We still have our cool banner from our last big event the GNOME Day, so if you see the GNOME feet just come by and say hi :-), hope to see you all there.

flisol 2007


If you remember one
of my last posts
related to the infraction of the Creative Commons license, well the company and particulary the design guys who used the punk bear image respond very quickly to the letter from
the ONG of Digital Rights and they removed the image from the website and payed some money to Armando Torrealba. This is a great news for all the community of creators, since it shows the effectiveness of these licenses in our Country.

My congrats to the guys from the ONG
Digitals Rights
for their help on Armando’s problem and a big thanks to Rodrigo Valenzuela from ONG Digitals Rights for sending me this awesome news. If you are wondering what Armando is going to do with the money… well he is going to use it for help to build a telecentre in a school in Chillán, he deserves at least an applause.

Rodrigo has sent me this screenshot in case you wanna see the website where they used the design.

Ah that bear!

I was reading today that a big company here called Falabella just violated the creative commons license using a logo of a bear with a pink punk hair designed by Armando Torrealba a young designer who licensed this image under that license, they don’t even ask for permission to the author, they just found the image cute and used it, even later said that they have the full rights over all the images on the site. The ONG of Digital Rights just sent a letter asking for the remotion of the image, I’m hoping they have learned something about it and all the other companies in Chile too.

the bear

The punk bear they use without the permission from Armando Torrealba.

You can read the full article here (in spanish)

Hipo "It’s Right Under Your Nose" 0.4

I’m happy to announce to you another release of Hipo, What’s new?

  • Fixed sorting method and remove unnecessary code.
  • Use new intltool syntax.
  • Remove ‘Application’ category because is not valid in the freedesktop specification.
  • Make sure at least one track is selected when showing the popup menu. Fixed #412792 (Benoit Garret)
  • Set the checkout of the taglib-sharp as a svn external property.
  • Add device properties to the menu.
  • Add support for m4a files. Fixed #409097
  • Add metadata edit in the tracks view. Closes #408808 (Benoit Garret)
  • Add shadows around the playlist view and the tracks view. Closes #408806 (Benoit Garret)
  • Update list of tracks when a change is made in the properties window. Fixed #407720 (Benoit Garret)
  • Add recursive import Closes #402515. (Felipe Barros)
  • Fixed percentage calculation Closes #402536, Fixed #402940. (Felipe Barros)


Gil Forcada (ca), David Lodge (en_GB), Felipe Barros (es), Ilkka Tuohela (fi), Vincenzo Barranco (it), Reinout van Schouwen (nl), Tomasz Dominikowski (pl),
Jose Ricardo Anacleto Cardozo (pt_BR), Daniel Nylander (sv).




Big thanks to all the contributors!

What a good week!

Just came back from my vacation week, i spent a great time in the south of Chile, like i said in my previous post, i went to Valdivia, where i have the possibility of meet nice people like a Scotland guy Kenny Macdonald with him i visited lots of places there, well Kenny doesn’t speak like anything of Spanish so i was his translator for the days i spent down there.

papas rellenas

A Papa Rellena and half a beer

I’ve visited a couple of forts, the fort of Niebla and the one located at Corral, quite good experience, I’ve also went to the “Feria Costumbrista” where you can eat some dishes from the town, like Papas Rellenas, Anticuchos, and so on.


Kenny the Anticuchos monster!

In Corral i saw a very awesome representation of a battle for the fort between Spanish guys and Chileans, the representation is made by guys from Corral and is one of those things that everyone that goes to Valdivia want to see.

fort battle

The battle!

I’m gonna try to put all the photos i can in my flickr account. And for those who knows… my new year is getting better and better ;-)

I want a bock one!

I’m planning to do a travel to the south of Chile the next week, my base city will be Valdivia, a pretty awesome city located at almost 12 hours in bus from Santiago, the last time that i was there i went with my cousin Caco and we spent a great great time eating Curanto a la Olla in Punucapa and visiting Niebla. One of the places that almost all the guys i know visited when they went to Valdivia is the Kunstmann beer factory where you can drink the Best beer in Chile.

Valdivia will not be the only city that i’m going to visit, the next stop will be Puerto Varas, where for me the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales is the main attraction, in the park you can find the Todos los Santos Lake, see snow-capped volcanoes and enjoy an awesome flora.

I carry my camera with me almost all the times so i’m gonna take a LOT of pictures which i’m gonna upload for sure to my flickr page. And now i remember i really need a flickr pro account…

Hipo "Getting Home Early In The Morning" 0.3

I’m happy to announce to you another cool release of Hipo, what’s new?

  • Add progress dialog. (#397251)
  • Change to selection multiple mode in the view.
  • Extend device properties. (#394804)
  • Improve size calculation functions. (#392478)
  • Fixed glade translation issues. (#394616)
  • Add Dutch translation (Max Beauchez)
  • Add Polish translation (Tomasz Dominikowski)
  • Add Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
  • Updated Spanish translation (Felipe Barros)

Big thanks to Joao Pinto from the GetDeb hall of fame for providing Ubuntu Edgy packages for Hipo ;-)

Hipo "Havana Rules Saturday" 0.2

I’m pleased to announce to you the second release of Hipo, what’s new ?

  • Fix compilation issues in ArchLinux (Thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru for the report).
  • Added dialog for edit the device properties. #392430
  • Changed svn for http in the taglib checkout. #392482 (Felipe Barros).
  • Add ipod-sharp.dll.config to the install rule.
  • Clear info when device is not present. #392533
  • Ipod actions greyed out when no device is connected. #392432 (Gabriel Felipe Cornejo).
  • Fix #393968
  • Add Catalan translation. (Thanks to Gil Forcada).

Translators we need you, at the time we only have two translations Spanish and Catalan, so if you’re not of those two language speakers please translate hipo ;-), if you don’t have a SVN account drop me an email or just fill a bug with the translation.

Oh yeah and thanks a lot to Gabriel Felipe Cornejo for fixed our FIRST gnome-love bug!

You can get hipo from the 0.2 tarball, from the cute GNOME SVN.

Hip Hip, Hipo

Hipo 0.1 is finally out, of course you can download it from the cute and fresh GNOME SVN repository:

svn checkout http://svn.gnome.org/svn/hipo/trunk hipo

There is a ubuntu edgy package if you don’t know/want to compile it, just check the webpage.

    Contributors on this release:

  • Spanish translation and Drag and Drop support: Felipe Barros.
  • Artwork: Carlos Candia Flores and Gabriel Bustos Farret.

Oh and by the way, Happy new year to all!