bug days. evo.

better late than never:
the bug day on last wednesday was interesting. while there were many people at the beginning, it was very calm for the last hours, which perhaps was a bit frustrating for our motivated bugsquadders, but all in all it was a good start to reinvigorate regular bug days, and even if i think that we have not recruited “the new triaging über-hero”, it was a nice socializing event to meet online, to talk and to have fun with many other folks from the bugsquad, so a big “Thank you!” to everybody who participated by helping and/or joining. :-)

looks like there will be some changes in Evolution, a project that i spent a lot of time with in the last years, e.g. a change of maintainership among other changes that i am very happy to see.
so time for the second “Thank you!” of this post, now to harish and srini for maintaining a huge and difficult project with many constraints. good luck for the future – and fix my bugs! ;-)

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