GNOME 2.22.0 will probably not be GNOME 2.22

well. KDE 4.0 is not KDE4.
GNOME 2.22 will also have some regressions because of porting from gnome-vfs to GIO. two of them are listed in the latest GNOME showstopper review: the missing “network:” backend implementation and the missing ftp support. there are more regressions. if you have some spare time and are ready to dig into the world of GIO and/or nautilus, help is most welcome! see the GioToDo wiki page, take a look at the list of gio bugs and nautilus 2.21 bugs and/or visit #nautilus on irc. thanks for your help.

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  1. memedesimo says:

    You should link as well.

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  3. Alberto Ruiz says:

    Andre, if you give me the testcases you want to test on win32, I’ll give them a spin and I’ll give a hand there if possible.

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  5. Jon Cooper says:

    Why not just push back the new backend until the next Gnome release?

  6. aklapper says:

    @memedesimo: porting all modules to gio is not urgent at all, that is why i did not link against it. gnome will still ship gnome-vfs as long as required. it’s only very few modules that will maybe have regressions.

    @jon: too late. and in my opinion it would not have been a better plan to keep gnome-vfs for another cycle. gio needed testing and gio is now very stable. the only problem are some regressions and a few smaller bugs we now have.
    if you take a look at the >400 gnome-vfs bugs in gnome bugzilla and alex’ slides why gnome-vfs is bad (at ) then you see that this is the right way to go…

    hmm, good question… in general, testing is highly appreciated of course, but i’m not an expert on any interop issues and don’t know about areas that are more likely to have problems… perhaps you could poke some gio folks in #nautilus what they think. thanks a lot for your interest! :)

  7. Mattias says:

    aklapper: ofcourse gio is the way to go. What the user will see is regressions though and that’s not good.

  8. ovitters says:

    Matthis: Users aren’t forced to upgrade. It is announced now to allow distributions/ users to decide if this is acceptable, to help with development, or to e.g. wait for GNOME 2.22.1. GNOME 2.20.x won’t stop working just because there is a new version out.
    Personally, I won’t notice the lack of ftp backend support (I use sftp), nor the network:// stuff.

  9. Peteris Krisjanis says:

    I was rather skeptical at gio, but as far as I have seen it, it is good thing and there is no way it could be introduced to GNOME sooner or later. Yes, there willl be regressions, and it is not nice, but we still have time to fix them.

  10. Jonh Wendell says:

    Personally, I prefer to wait these ‘critical’ bugs get fixed to get 2.22.0 released. Even if we need one more month to do this :(

    And let 2.22.1 being a release of ‘normal’ bugs, not regressions or critical bugs…

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  12. Sb says:


    “Users aren’t forced to upgrade.”

    Users don’t generally make that decision. It’s far too low-level. Are you saying that distros should avoid Gnome 2.22.0?

  13. aklapper says:

    @Sb: No, but the distros may want to think of helping out and putting manpower into these issues if the distros want to ship 2.22 and don’t get too many complaints, for example.

  14. Sb says:

    aklapper, really? That sounds like you’re demanding a ransom… “Hey distros! Why don’t you do the work that we, the Gnome project, found too difficult to finish. If you don’t, your users will complain! Ha HA!”

    Isn’t it a whole lot easier on everybody to hold off on these changes until 2.24?

  15. aklapper says:

    @Sb: fyi, the GNOME project *consists* of a lot of distro people *and* volunteers. so you can’t distinguish between it in the way you did.
    and no, we won’t hold off until 2.24. :-)

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