Google Highly Open Participation Contest results.

The Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP) concluded a few days back. Google had invited 10 Open Source projects, GNOME being one of them, to set up a list of tasks for high school students.
GHOP was a great success and we had much more interested and motivated students than the approx. 100 tasks that GNOME offered (so if there’s a “next time” for this, GNOME will definitely need even more maintainers/mentors filing tasks).
Thanks to the students, GNOME has seen a lot of contributed code, improvements in automated testing, translation and documentation and many bug reports and fixes (the link is not a complete list).

Today Google published the names of the Grand Prize winners. Congratulations to GNOME’s Grand Prize winner Patrick Hulin and to the many, many other students for their great work! We hope that you gathered experience, had fun working in the GNOME community and that you will continue to contribute to GNOME and Open Source. See you around!

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  1. Thanks so much for the insanely huge amount of work that you put into this, Andre. I don’t think people have any idea how much effort you dedicated to this.

  2. atul jha says:

    hey dude,
    cool work.looking forward to meet you.

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