remaining 2.22 showstoppers.


adding “just one additional string” to a module two weeks before a major release does not sound bad at first sight. but keep in mind that most of the modules have about 20 completely translated po files. it means that 20 translation teams have to edit their po file again. don’t request string freeze breaks that late in the cycle unless you have a real reason to (security issue etc). a “nice to have” is definitely not enough!


our showstopper list has become smaller. beside those 4 crasher bugs that have been around for some time now, only the missing ftp backend for gvfs (Company seems to work on it) and the missing migration of trash from the old location to the new one (i hope vuntz takes a look at it) are left.
gicmo is working on finishing webdav support and the “network:” backend has been fixed this week by a. walton. and of course alex and cosimoc also work like mad on squashing bugs and getting things finalized for 2.22.0. (now i hope i did not forget anybody in my list.) if anybody has the feeling that a big blocker for 2.22 has not been addressed yet, raise your voice now!
this development cycle is a tough one for our translators (many late string changes because of finishing gvfs/gio/nautilus and a lot of new strings due to new modules). just wanted to say thanks to our translators. you really do an awesome job!

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